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(a)    Matters connected with members of all Pakistan unified grade or the Federal unified grades and posts normally held by them.

(b)   Matters concerned with appointments, training pay, allowances, promotion, leave, transfer, posting and powers of:-

(i) Heads of Attached Department, except those which may by notification 

    be assigned to other Department.

(ii) Regional Heads of Departments of B-20 or above.

(iii) Secretariat Officer of all B.P.S and Ministerial Establishment of the 

     Secretariat Departments, including Governor’s  ** Secretariat other

     than the personal staff of the Chief Minister or the Governor;

(iv) Officers of B-18 and above in Police and Revenue Departments;

(v) Assistant Commissioners;

(vi) Municipal Commissioner, Secretary, Karachi Water and Sewerage Board,

     Directors Octroi, Director/ Administration Directors lands, Financial

     Advisors Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

 vii) Executive Heads, including Chairman, Director Generals, Managing

      Directors etc. of Statutory Corporations, Autonomous and Semi-

      Autonomous Bodies working under Government;

viii) Director, Excise & Director Taxation, Karachi.


Maintenance of the Register of Memorials addressed to the President, withheld by the Provincial Government.


Martial Law.


Public Service Commission.


Policy regarding re-employment and re-employment of retired Officers.


Services Rules relating to various services and posts and interpretation thereof.


Service Tribunals.


Service Associations.


Cypher and other codes.

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