Introduce a social security system so that no civil servants will be deprived from yearning needs and without shelter on his retirement.



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:: Allocation Of Residential Units :: Delivery Of Possession
:: Maintenance Of Schemes :: Conditions Of Allocation
:: Cancellation Of Allocation :: Maintenance And Disposal Of Commercial Unit
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  • Subject to these rules, every person who is a Civil servant at the time of promulgation of the Act or becomes Civil servant on a subsequent date,or have been a Civil servant of the government shall be eligible to become a member of the Foundation.

  • A Civil servant shall only be eligible for one membership of the Foundation.



A member of the Civil Service of Pakistan shall be eligible to become member of the Foundation subject to the fulfillment of any of the following conditions, namely-

  • he is domiciled in the Province and has served in government or any agency under the government for a period of more than three years; or

  • he has served in the government or any agency under the government for a period of more than six years.


  • A Civil Servant may become member of the Foundation on acceptance of his application.

  • The Foundation may prescribe time for the submission of the applications  by the eligible Civil Servants.

  • The Foundation may impose additional conditions for the acceptance of the applications, submitted after the lapse of the prescribed time.

  • Provided that the application for membership shall be accepted subject to the deposit of contribution in the account of the Foundation.

  • The Foundation shall issue a certificate of membership to each member containing his name, designation, name of his Department or office, membership number and his account number with the Foundation.


1. Membership of member shall be terminated if he

  • dismissed from service, or

  • voluntarily withdraws from membership; or

  • has failed to remit contribution for six months; or

  • has made any false statement in the application;

Provided that membership of a member shall not be terminated unless the member is afforded an opportunity to show cause against the proposed action.


2. In case of termination of membership under sub-rule (1), the out-going member shall be entitled to re-fund of the amount in his account subject to such deductions, if any, as may be determined by the Board;

3. Once a member withdraws the amount from his account after termination of his membership, he shall not subsequently be admitted as a member   except for good cause and subject to any general or special order of the Board.


  • The rate of contribution shall be determined by the Board for members belonging to each of the following category:

  • BS-1-7                    Category-I

  • BS-8-15                   Category-II

  • BS-16-18                 Category-III

  • BS-19 & above          Category-IV

  • The contribution shall be deducted at source by the accounts office.

  • Subject to the provision of sub-rule (1), the Board shall determine on yearly basis the rate of profit to be credited to the account of a member.

  • The balance price of a residential unit, if any, calculated after accounting   for the amount in the account of the member, shall be paid by the member or his family before the delivery of possession of the residential unit.

  • If the amount in the account of the member is more than the price of his    residential unit, the excess amount shall be returned to the member or his family.



  • Where a member is transferred to a government other than the Government of the Province, he shall remain a member subject to rules in the same manner as if he has not been so transferred, and his contribution during such period shall be remitted to the account of the Foundation at the accounts office where he has been serving immediately before his such transfer. Provided that it shall be responsibility of the member to ensure that his contributions are being properly remitted to the account of the Foundation.

  • The payment of contribution in case of retired civil servants shall be remitted by the Member to the accounts office in a manner as prescribed by the Foundation.


  • The budget of the Foundation shall be prepared by the Managing Director for each financial year containing the details of income and expenditure.

  • The budget statement shall be placed before the Board for approval before the commencement of each financial year.

  • The accounts of the Foundation shall be kept in double-entry system.

  • Every payment shall be made after applying prescribed pre-audit checks through internal audit system of the Foundation and in accordance with     the rules of the Government.

  • The accounts of the Foundation shall be post audited annually by a firm of Chartered Accountants.

  • Annual audit report shall be laid before the Board for approval.


  • The Board shall meet the transaction of business at least once in every three months.

  • The Managing Director with the approval of the Chairman, may summon   the meeting of the Board on such date or dates, as may be specified.



  • No member or his family shall be entitled to allocation of more than one residential unit in all the schemes of the Foundation.

  • The residential unit shall be allocated in favour of the members of their families in the following manner, namely -

  • to the members or their families on retirement or death, as the case may be, in accordance with the priority of station indicated in their option for stations;

Provided that a member may, with the approval of the Foundation at any time before allocation, change his priority of station;

  • if the residential units at a station are less than the demand,  allocation of the residential units at such a station shall be made on the basis on seniority of members in a particular category and in case of tie, on the basis of draw of lots;

Provided that a separate seniority list, on the basis of the date of retirement, for each category of members shall be maintained by the Foundation; and

  • where the date of retirement or the date of death of two or more members in a category is the same, the seniority shall be determine from the date of membership of the Foundation.

  • In case the number of the residential units exceeds the existing requirement, the surplus residential units shall be allocated to the next eligible members in accordance with the seniority list.

  • In case of death of a civil servant during service period, the family of the deceased civil servant shall be provided a residential unit on out of turn basis on payment of balance price of the residential unit.

  • 10% of the total houses constructed during a year shall be reserved for already retired civil servants.


  • The Foundation shall deliver possession of a allocated residential unit to a member or his family on payment of the balance price of the unit, if any


  • The Foundation shall maintain a scheme for one year after its completion.

  • Further maintenance and management of the scheme shall lie with Residentís Association / society, subject to its recognition and general supervision by the Foundation.


Allocation of a residential unit in favour of member shall be made subject to the following conditions:

  • the member shall not alienate the allocated residential unit within one year of the delivery of possession;

  • all subsequent transfers of the allocated residential unit shall be made with the approval of the Foundation subject to payment of transfer fee as may be determined by the Board;

  • no structural change of any kind shall be made in a residential unit except with prior permission of the Foundation or the Residentís Association/ society, as the case may be;

  • all subsequent transferees of a residential unit shall be bound to comply with the provision of the Act, these rules and the regulation wherever applicable. Any reference to a member shall include reference to a subsequent transferee; and

  • such other conditions as may be notified by the Foundation.


  • Where a member or his family or a subsequent transferee has failed to fulfill any condition of allocation, the Board may cancel the allocation after affording an opportunity to show cause against any such action.

  • In case of cancellation of allocation under sub-rule (1), the Board    may also terminate the membership of such member and all consequences of termination of membership shall follow.

  • Provided that the member or a subsequent transferee shall not be entitled to any amount unless he delivers the vacant possession of the residential unit to the Foundation,

  • The Foundation shall be entitled to recover possession of the residential unit in case of cancellation of
    allocation and may deduct such amount from the account of the member as it deems fit.


  • A commercial unit shall be maintained by or leased out in the manner as may be determined by the Foundation.

  • A commercial unit shall not be sold or disposed of except through prior public notice and open auction.

  • No structural change shall be made in a commercial unit except with the prior permission of the Foundation.

  • The Board may impose any other condition upon the owner of the lessee for the proper maintenance or use of the commercial unit.


  • No alteration of land use in a scheme shall be made without the approval of the Board.

  • No public utility or public amenity area in a scheme shall be converted into commercial or residential area.


  • Record of the Foundation shall be deemed to be public record and every member shall be entitled to have access to it or get its certified copies, subject to payment of fee, if any, as may be determined by the Foundation.


  • The Government may, on the recommendation of the Board, relax all or any of the provisions of these rules in case of any hardship