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Mr. Faraz Dero

Mr. Riaz Hussain Soomro

  Minister for RA,Z&U Department


Sindh Auqaf Department was established in 1970, In 1976, this Department was made a central subject under Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan,In 1979, this was again made a provincial subject. 


To maintain and regulate prominent Shirnes, Mosques and other Waqf  properties.

To provide maximum facilities to Zaireen, who pay visits to various Shrines, Dargahs etc.

To extend Walfare / Financial Assistance out of its self generated funds to orphans, destitute and disabled persons, on yearly basis.


Management and looking after of Shrines, Dargahs and Mosques.

Making proper arrangements for lighting, cleanliness, drinking water, Wazoo khana for the performance of religious rites at Shrines and Mosques.

Construction of Musafir Khanas, Langar khanas, lavatories etc. at the Shrines/Dargahs.

To generate maximum revenue from the Waqf properties, contracts,rents and lease etc. so that the same amount be utilized on maintenance and reconstruction of old Shrines, Dargahs and Mosques.

To conduct ‘Seerat Conferences’ at Provincial level. 

To arrange ‘Hifz-o-Qir’at Competitions’ at  the District and Provincial levels, every year. 

To assist and coordinate Hajj  trainings to group leaders and the intending pilgrims, district wise. 

To promote Islamic Ideology and the Life & Thoughts of prominent saints through the Shah Waliullah Research  Academy.

To eradicate the menace of anti-social activities, to nip in the bud the sectarian issues arising in the Mosques and Shrines. 

The Auqaf Department is a self-income-generating department. 

Sometimes, Special Grant is received for the beautification of main shrines/mosques. 

The Auqaf Department also maintains agriculture land and property as Waqf  Properties . 

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