Home Department Govt Of Sindh


Home Department plays pivotal role in maintenance of law & order and internal security. In addition there is a long list of traditional functions performed by the Department. The above role requires constant support from various attached departments which include:

Major Functions :

  • Law Enforcement Agencies Police, Pakistan Rangers, Frontier Constabulary under the Home Department

  • Matters related to prevention & control of crime Matters concerned with police establishment and administration

  • Matters related to Civil Armed Forces, including Rangers

  • To issue Judicial Detention Orders under MPO and A.T.A. To impose ban on entry of persons affecting peace

  • To dispatch police parties to other provinces for recovery of stolen property and for the arrest of accused persons

  • To notify reward for the arrest of terrorists/criminals Administrative secretary for Anti-Terrorist Courts (A.T.C).

  • To grant temporary Parole in extreme and urgent situations

  • To grant Visa Extension to Indian Nationals To Detain / Deport / Repatriate illegal immigrants under Foreigners’ Act.

  • To deal with the matters related to licensing & working of Private Security Agencies and Arms Dealer Shops.

  • To grant arms licenses for the province of Sindh.

  • To appoint Notary Public and Justice of Peace Ban and forfeiture of objectionable material / pamphlets / booklets / newspapers.

  • To impose ban under Section 144 of Cr.P.C.

  • To deal with the budgetary matters of Sindh Police & Rangers deployed in Sindh Administrative Department for all development schemes of police department.



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