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  • 80% increment in annual budget.
  • 70% increment in human resources.
  • Renovation of laboratory of EPA Sindh.
  • Introduction of state of the art technology at EPA Sindh.
  • Seven Development Schemes on Environment have been implemented successfully.
  • Ordinance for banning the sale, manufacture and use of polythene bags has been promulgated and strict compliance is being implemented.
  • Public Sector Development Projects submitted their EIAs/IEEs for NOC.
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed with SUPARCO and WWF for effective control of environmental pollution.
  • Facilitation is provided to hospitals to abide by the environmental laws, Hospital Waste Management. Guidelines were issued in the absence of HWM Rules. (Rules have recently been notified by the Federal Government).
  • Recruitment process is in final phase to fill various posts lying vacant since long.
  • In collaboration with Forest Department, City Governments and other agencies, steps are being taken for the protection of mangroves.
  • 1000 Awareness Banners on hazards of polythene bags were hung at various eminent spots of the city in collaboration with private sector.
  • Slogans on hazards of polythene bags were displayed through the advertisements of Sindh Government.
  • A series of awareness programs including seminars, exhibitions, workshops and functions were conducted to raise public awareness on environmental issues.


  • Combined Effluent Treatment Plant established at Korangi Industrial Area after consultative process with EPA Sindh.
  • A campaign was launched to create awareness against the pollution generated by two stroke rickshaws.
  • Sugar Industries:  On repeated public complaints and on reports of regular monitoring, the sugar industries were inspected and defaulters were given notices and most of them have improved their working conditions.
  • KPT was given notices on public complaints and on newspaper clipping regarding pollution by coal dust.
  • The factories/industries visited by EPA officers were persuaded to install wastewater treatment plants.
  • Foreign training was imparted to officers of EPA Sindh for effective control of water pollution.
  • By the efforts of Environment Department, Environmental Tribunal Sindh is now fully functional.
  • The existing Hydrants of Pakistan Rangers in Karachi have been tested for water quality.
  • The poultry owners and workers were guided to use masks and gloves while handling the raw chickens and their contents.



  • The renowned public concerns like OGDCL, PPL, and NHA have submitted the studies on EIA/IEEs for NOCs.
  • Karachi Circular Railway KCR is being helped and guided for conducting EIA Studies.



  • This year budget for public awareness has been raised from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 25,00,000/- which is a 50 times increase.
  • Pre-imposition phase mass awareness campaign on hazards of polythene bags was conducted with the participation of multinational NGOs, corporate sector and educational institutions
  • Awareness campaign was conducted through newspapers and TV channels
  • Training workshops and seminars were organized on various environmental issues for stakeholders.



  • Study conducted  by SEPA on HWM
  • Prepared Incinerator Guidelines as per instructions of Hospital Waste Management Committee.
  • Assisted District Governments in implementing their safe hospital waste management plan for Karachi at each step and provided liaison between the CDGK & other hospitals



  • CFC free refrigerators were helped introduced with private sector’s collaboration in Sindh province.
  • Technical Advisory Committee has been constituted to have expertise/opinion from various walks of life regarding pollution control and to formulate the policies for implementation of environmental standards.
  • Research and development cell is being constituted to respond the WTO concerns including agenda 21.
  • Complaints cell has been re-launched and reorganized for the prompt response on public complaints regarding environmental violations.
  • Mobile phone industry has been approached for introduction of CNG technology in mobile sets charging.
  • Regular conduct of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of development projects which is a mandatory requirement for new projects to examine the environmental impacts of development under the provisions of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997.



  • Strengthen the Environment & Alternative Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency, Government of Sindh.
  • Capacity building of existing staff and hiring of new staff in Sindh EPA for implementation of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997.
  • Rigorous campaign for public awareness is designed in line with modern and compatible tools of communication.
  • Compliance of environmental laws by the industries.
  • Civic organizations and all other departments to work for betterment of environmental conditions.
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