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Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan,

Governor Sindh


The Environment Day is being observed internationally on the 5th of June, so that the hazards of environmental delegation are highlighted and all stakeholders are stimulated to take steps to rectify the situation.

Natural resources like air, water and soil have been provided by the Almighty to make our life sustainable on this earth, but due to massive industrialization and mechanization, we have degraded the environment to a great extent and we have become vulnerable to large scale devastations and innumerable diseases.

When we observe the situation in Pakistan, and particularly in Sindh, it is quite apparent that the compliance of environmental regulations is at a very low level. The industries are discharging emissions and liquid effluent into the environment. The public transport is degrading the air quality by releasing vehicular emissions. The local government bodies are not managing solid waste nor are they treating sewage before release into the water bodies.

I would like to appreciate the role of the Environment & Alternative Energy Department through the Environmental Protection Agency, for having been able to create awareness and realization within the stakeholders. At least there is a coordinated effort now being made to prepare an action plan to attend to the environment issues.

Let us commit today that it is essential for us to take all possible steps to check environmental pollution without any further delay.



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