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The World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year, to enable all the stakeholders to get together and commit themselves to make Earth, a healthier place to live in. It was on this day that a conference was held in the United Nations on Environment, and the observance of this day was established by the United Nation General Assembly in 1972. This day is celebrated globally to project environmental issues and stimulate all concerned to focus their attention on these issues.

Thousands of activities are organized worldwide, with beach clean-ups, concerts, exhibits, film festivals, community events and much more.

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated with different theme and this year the theme is “Forests - Nature At Your Service”. Forests cover one third of the earth’s land mass, performing vital functions and services around the world which make our planet alive with possibilities. In fact, 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods. They play a key role in our battle against climate change, by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere while storing carbon dioxide.

The destruction of the natural world costs the global economy some $2 to $5 trillion every year but economic barely notice the loss. Nations must work together to place a value on biodiversity, just as we need to place a global price on carbon emissions. Only when we fully value nature will we properly protect it. We rely on the natural world for our food, for clean water, for protection from floods and storms and to provide us with a habitable climate. If we lose nature, we lose ourselves. The current environmental crisis is alarming which requires our immediate attention. The loss of forest, intensified by habitat damage and climate change as a result of our irresponsible and unplanned developments, is a serious concern.

Therefore, it is our duty to help mitigate environmental pollution at individual and collective level so that we may hand over this world to our next generation, from menace of pollution.


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