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Working of Department

The Administrative Secretary of the Department is the Head of the Department. The Registrar Cooperative Societies, is appointed under Section 4 of Cooperative Societies Act 1925 and exercises powers vested in him under the Act. His functions include among others as:






Liquidation and

Over all supervision of Cooperative Societies

Government of Sindh has delegated powers of the Registrar, Cooperative Societies under Sections 4-A, 5 to 13, 44, 44-B, 45, 47 to 49, 50-A, 52, 55, 58, 59-A to 59-U of the Sindh Cooperative Societies Act 1925 to District Officer (Cooperative) working at District level. These Sections pertain to Registration of Societies, convening Special General Body Meetings, Inspection of books of indebted Societies, Issuance of Search Warrants, Winding up Societies, Cancellation of Registration and Assessment of Damages against delinquent promoters

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