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Introduction of Department

The Cooperative Movement in the Sindh Province dates back to early Twentieth Century when the COOPERATIVE ACT of 1904 was enforced.

ACT Objective : To setup primary Credit Cooperatives, which could rescue the Agriculturists from the clutches of Money-Lenders.

ACT Amendments :  Soon it was felt that credit was not only the need of farmers, but the other aspect of social and economic life too, required application of cooperative movement.

Cooperative Societies Act 1912 was therefore promulgated in the Indo/Pak subcontinent extending its application to all kinds of economic activities. It resulted in organizing different types of societies in the field of agriculture, housing fisheries, industry and trade.Cooperative Societies Act 1925 was enacted at the time when, the areas forming parts of Sindh were governed under the Bombay Presidency. This Legislation has been amended from time to time and still operative throughout the Sindh Province.

Number and Kind of Cooperative Societies in Sindh.

Registrations of 158 dormant Cooperative Societies of Karachi has been cancelled after observing all formalities. Cancellation of Registration of other dormant Societies is in progress.

Multipurpose, Marketing, Credit, Educational, Ladies, Maintenance, Consumer / Producers & Fisheries Cooperative Societies.

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