MONTHLY PHYSICAL PROGRESS      9th September


Name of Project:

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program (BBSYDP)



Authorities responsible for:

(i)   Sponsoring Agency

(ii)  Executing Agency

(iii) Operation & Maintenance



Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department


Approved Cost of Project:

Actual                   Revised

281.603                 --


Time required for completion of the project:






Date of Commencement:

24th July, 2008




Date of Completion:

30th June, 2009



Expenditure up to the end of last financial year:





Financial Status:

(i) ADP allocation for the current year

(ii) Release during the month

(iii) Expenditure during the month


500.00 (before approval of PC-I)

281.603 (After approval of PC-I i.e approved cost of the project)

140.048 million (50%)




Objectives of the project:

1)      to provide trained and certified IT professionals in different fields of IT for present and future requirement and increasing their qualification as per market demand ; 


2)      to provide new development tools and IT skills to youth for local and international job markets consumption and generate employment opportunities for trained manpower;


3)      to provide possible induction in public and private sectors employments and also improving working efficiency, transparency and good governance. 


4)      Earn foreign exchanges through export of surplus manpower.






Brief progress of the project till date:

Ø  PC-I for the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program has been approved from Planning & Development Department’s competent forum PDWP in its meeting held on 11.07.2008. The memorandum has also issued vide No. SO(DEV)-PD1WP-9/68-P&D/2008 dated: 18th July, 2008 with approved cost of Rs. 281.603 million).

Ø  Administrative approval of the scheme with approved cost of Rs. 281.603 million has also authenticated and issued by Finance Department, Govt. of Sind vide U.O.No. FD(DEV-IV)IT/1(98)/ 2008-09 dated : 24th July, 2008.

Ø  50% funds amounting to Rs. 140.048 million of the total approved cost has been released through DRO by  Finance Department, Govt. of Sindh.

Ø  Expression of Interest was invited through leading news papers i.e Dawn, Jang and Kawish on dated : 20th July and 21st July, 2008 for pre-qualification of I.T / Call Center training Institutions for the said program. Last date for submission of the proposal of the participating institutions was  5th August, 2008. In addition the Supplement of the said program was also published in the newspaper.

Ø  71 IT and Call Center training institutions were received tender document / EOI for the said project.

Ø  59  IT and Call Center training institutions were submitted their proposals against the EOI of  the said project. In this regard the proposals were opened / presented before committee and representatives of the participating  training institutions.


Ø  Program Management Unit (PMU) has been established in the Information Technology Department for the Program.

Ø  Project Management Committee (PMC) has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary IT. (copies of notification has been communicated to each member of the PMC) on dated : 7th August, 2008.

Ø  Project Management Committee  meeting held on 09th August, 2008 and minutes of the meeting has also been issued on 16th August, 2008. In this meeting evaluation criteria proforma for short listing the IT / Training Institutions has been finalized.

Ø  2nd Project Management Committee meeting was called on 20th August, 2008 for evaluation the proposals of the participated IT / Call Center Training Institutions.

Ø  Out 59 training institutions the following institutions have been short-listed through their profiles and physical visits ;

28 IT Training Institutions;

10 Call Center Training;

Ø  Offer letter has been issued  to the successful IT / Call Center Training institutions.

Contract agreement has been vetted by Law Department on 29-09-08.




Physical status (provide actual physical achievement during the month against targets for the quarter):


28 IT Training Institutions has been pre-qualified for imparting the training in all the districts of the province including district Karachi.


10 Call Center Training Institutions have been pre-qualified for imparting the call center training.



Issues/Bottlenecks in project implementation: (Indicate the major issues responsible for delay in implementation of project at policy & operational level):

Ø  Call Center Training facility is not appropriate available at district level.


Ø  Microsoft Certification courses for which International Certification facility is not available at District level.


Ø  Therefore above trainings will be provided to jobless youths at Karachi.





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