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The earliest reference to Sindhi literature is contained in the writings of Arab historians. It is established that Sindhi was the first and the earliest language of East in which the Quran was translated in the eighth or ninth century AD.


There are many regional sports that are played in Sindh. Malakhiro is one of the famous sports of Sindh. Other sports include Wanjh wati, Kodi Kodi, Beelarhoo, Thipai Rand, Notinn and Biloor,cricket,football. Read more

Sufi Music

Sindhi music has its own unique quality. It is performed in many different ways. Sufi music is performed at shrines, and other simple music is performed at studios and gatherings.


Sindh province of Pakistan is home to nearly 3000 sites and monuments, of which 1600 as protected under the provincial, Sindh Cultural Heritage (Protection) Act 1994 while 1200 remain unprotected. Following is the list of cultural heritage sites in the province. The list also includes the two inscribed, four tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site and four national monuments in Sindh province. Note: If the site is protected under both the federal and provincial governments, it is listed under the former.

Ruins of old city

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Kohtrass Buthi

Tomb Kalhoro

Kacha Qilla